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Pine Creek Church of the Brethren

Kid’s Club 12/09/14:

Saul began his walk down the path God chose for him and at first he did well. “The steps of a GOOD man are ordered by the LORD”. What makes a good man good? He is good because he stays on God’s path. What happens when we begin choosing our own road? The Ammonites threatened the Israelites in Jabesh-Gilead and offered to let them live; but the treaty included everyone losing his right eye and becoming a slave. King Saul rallied 330,000 soldiers and a great battle was won; the few remaining Ammonites fled. Then Saul’s eldest son, Jonathan, picked a fight with a Philistine battalion and before Saul could blink a war was brewing against more than 36,000 Philistines. The only problem was that Saul had sent all but 3,000 of the soldiers back home. He knew he shouldn’t go to war without praying and asking for God’s help. He knew a sacrifice needed to be made; but Samuel had not come as quickly as King Saul demanded. King Saul began to reason with himself that since HE was the king, HE could do anything HE wanted to – even offer the sacrifice. He knew only the prophet or a Levite was allowed to offer sacrifices; but HE thought HE was above the law. Hmmm, that sounds like America right now. Oops, sorry. No politics allowed. Anyway, Saul offered the sacrifice and up walked Samuel. “What have you done?” (This is where Saul puts the blame on Samuel.) “YOU didn’t come when I called. I had to force myself to sacrifice to YOUR God.” Whose God? Sadly, Samuel notified King Saul that God had just rejected him as King of Israel. God would remove him from the throne and his son Jonathan would never be king. God would choose a man who had a heart that would follow God; a GOOD man who would stay on the path of God’s choosing. Yes, he would fall; but he would ask forgiveness, stand back up, and march on. Psalm 16:11 Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Kid’s Club 12/02/14:
Psalm 37:23 & 24 “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighteth in His way. Though he fall, he will not be utterly cast down, for the Lord upholdeth him with His hand.” Who “orders” my steps? Who charts my course? Who plans my route for life? We make hundreds if not thousands of decisions every day. Some are mundane and insignificant: “Would you lik
e chips or pretzels with that sandwich?” Some are very important: “Do I have time to pull out in front of that bus or not?” The nation of Israel CHOSE to reject God and demand a human king because “we want to be just like the other nations around us.” (Never mind that God had been punishing the other nations for their heathen practices.) Samuel tried to explain what life under a monarchy would be like. “He will take your sons to be his soldiers and servants. He will take your daughters to be his maids, bakers, and confectionaries. He will take 1/10 of your seed, your farmland, your vineyards, your orchards. He will take 1/10 of your cows, sheep, donkeys, camels, and goats." In today’s terms, “you will have to pay taxes”. But the people were stubborn and so God gave them the king they would have chosen for themselves. Saul was “goodly to look upon” and he was “head and shoulders higher than everyone else in the nation”. He was tall, strong, and handsome – perfect visible qualities for a king. Thankfully, the Bible says that God gave him a “new heart”. God was going to plan his path and lead him down it. Did he follow? When we admit to God that we are a sinner in need of salvation; when we ask for forgiveness and give our life to Christ, we also get a new heart and God desires to “order our steps”. Will we follow?

Kid’s Club 11/25/14:

“Here I raise my Ebenezer. Hither by Thy help I’m come.” Do you know this verse of our hymn, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”? The Israelites were on their knees, confessing their sins, pouring out water and their hearts before their God, and asking His forgiveness for worshipping idols and sinning against Him who had chosen them as His people. The Philistines saw this massive gathering at Mizpeh and assumed the Israelites were preparing for war. They decided to attack first when they saw that Israel was unarmed. The Israelites cried for Samuel to pray for them when the Philistine army began their march down the mountain. Samuel did pray. In fact, he offered a sacrifice and before he could finish his prayer, God had destroyed most of the Philistine army with thunder and lightning. Those Philistines that tried to run away were chased and run down by the Israelite soldiers. God didn’t HELP Israel that day; God fought FOR Israel. Samuel raised up a great stone on the plain of Mizpeh and named it “Ebenezer” – the stone of help. Samuel said, “Here God helped us.” So I would like to ask you as you count your blessings this Thanksgiving week, “Have you ever raised your own Ebenezer stone?” Has there ever been a time in your life when if it had not been for God’s intervention, you would not have survived mentally, emotionally, or physically? If, like me, you have an Ebenezer; I am sure you have found it to be a great source of strength. I can always say, “I know God will help me today because He rescued me in Lynchburg, VA in 1976.” That memory is a blessing I am constantly thankful for.
Even more importantly, can you thankfully look back and say that on a certain day, in a certain place you told God you were a sinner that needed forgiveness? Can you point to a place in time where you asked God to make you His child? Let me finish the verse of our hymn. “Jesus sought me when a stranger, wondering from the fold of God. He to rescue me from danger, interposed His precious blood.” This Thanksgiving week, I stand beside my Ebenezer and say, “Thank you, God, for the blood of Jesus.” Mrs. Beth Ann

Kid’s Club 11/18/14:
We learned a vocabulary word: SACRILEGE - taking something that is holy and using it in an unholy way. Example: “Oh my God!” I hear it and I cringe every time. Most who say it can’t even claim Him as their God. The Philistines committed sacrilege when they placed the Ark of the Covenant in front of their idol, Dagon, as a trophy. That didn’t last long because Dagon f
ell over and his head and hands broke off. The Bible says only a stump remained. God punished the Philistines by sending a plague of mice and horrible sores. Thousands died and soon they couldn’t get rid of the Ark fast enough. They put it on a cart pulled by two milk cows along with a trespass offering. It arrived in the nearest Israelite settlement of Bethshemesh where the people were harvesting grain in their field. At first they rejoiced about the return of the Ark and used the two cows and the cart to offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God. But then they didn’t CHOOSE TO DO RIGHT. God killed 50,070 Israelites that day because they committed sacrilege and looked into the Ark. They weren’t supposed to touch the Ark much less open it up. Here’s the irony – Bethshemesh was a Levite village. The Levites were the tribe in charge of the holy furniture and items that had been in the tabernacle and would one day be in the temple in Jerusalem. THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER! Then, just like the Philistines, they also sent it away. The men of Kirjath-jearim came and took the Ark to the house of Abinadab where it was kept safe and for 20 years God blessed Abinadab greatly. It was easier to send the Ark away than to be careful to do right. Many adults and children do the same today. It is easier to allow sin in our homes and lose God’s blessing and protection than it is to do right, live holy before God, and receive God’s best for us. Let’s choose to do right; let’s choose to be blessed. Next week, Ebenezer!

Kid’s Club 11/11/14
First things first. The Bible says, “Honor to whom honor is due”. Thank you, Veterans and active soldiers for defending me, my home, and my freedoms. Our Kiddos learned about a war tonight – a war when the Israelites put their trust in a box instead of the God for whom it was made. A box overlaid with gold, stained in the center of the top with the blood of hundreds of ...lambs sacrificed for the sins of the nation of Israel. A box, the sight of which should have made any man fall on his face and pray for God’s MERCY. A box carried to the battlefield as a good luck charm to sell the belief that God would be required to win the battle for them. Hophni and Phinehas, the wicked sons of Eli, obviously had no idea of the true purpose of the box and their casual attitude about it was the last mistake they ever made. 30,000 Israelite soldiers and 2 vile priests died in the war that day. The gold box was stolen as a spoil of war – a trophy – an insult. Ichabod means “where is the glory?” or “the glory is departed”. That’s the name Phinehas’ wife named her baby that was born when she heard the bad news…about the box (not necessarily the news about her husband). If only they had prayed to the God who the box belonged to. If only they had trusted the God instead of the box. People do the same thing today. They pray to statues in churches or to medals with pictures of people who have been dead for hundreds and thousands of years instead of praying to God. How does God feel about this? God says it is “like unto the sin of witchcraft”. It is an abomination and God is not required to hear or answer those prayers. Why should He? They are not praying to Him. Where was Samuel when Eli fell backwards breaking his neck at hearing the news that the Ark of the Covenant had been taken? He was probably in the temple. The Bible doesn’t tell us for sure; but he wasn’t at the war – God didn’t tell him to go. Samuel had just learned the most important lesson of his young life – he belonged to God and he did what God said to do. It’s impossible to get into trouble or make a mistake when you let God make all of your decisions. Next week, “So what happened to the Ark?” Mrs. Beth Ann

Kid’s Club 11/04/14
How many times a day do you talk with God? How many times a day does God talk to you? Our story tonight took place in a time “just before the lamp of God went out in Israel”. In other words, Eli the head priest in the temple was not in the habit of either listening to or talking to God. We know this because if he had been in tune with God, he wouldn’t have assumed that Ha...nnah was drunk when she was in fact pouring her sorrow out to God. He would have felt the nudge to go comfort and pray with a child of God. Also, God’s call sent Samuel scurrying to Eli’s side in the night THREE times before Eli realized that it was God who was calling to Samuel. What a shame. Why didn’t Samuel know it was God who was calling him? The Bible tells us – “Samuel did not yet KNOW God.” Samuel knew there was a God. Samuel knew he was supposed to love God; but Samuel had not yet met God or been invited to give his life to God’s plan. Samuel was in the same position that many of the Kids Club kiddos are in – the exact same position. Tonight when I asked them how many times a day they spoke with God, they looked at me like I had instantly sprouted another head! The concept of thanking God several times a day for each little blessing or asking God for help in a difficulty was something they hadn’t thought of. Why not? Perhaps they don’t yet KNOW God. Parents, are you listening? When called, Samuel answered by asking God to speak. When the conversation was ended, Samuel KNEW God and he knew there was a new authority ordering his steps. The Bible says of Samuel’s growing relationship with God – “And Samuel grew, and the LORD was with him, and did let none of his words fall to the ground.” None of His words – God was speaking with Samuel on a regular basis AND Samuel was obeying. As a young boy, Samuel began the habits of speaking to, listening to, and obeying God. Throughout his life he was God’s man; no matter the danger, no matter the difficulty, day in and day out, “Speak; for thy servant heareth.” In next week’s story, God begins to clean His house. Mrs. Beth Ann

Kids Club 10/28/14
II Timothy 3:16 teaches that every story in the Bible is true and is there to teach us something about God or something about the way He wants us to live. Tonight we learned that little Samuel served and honored God in the temple at Shiloh by serving Eli faithfully. We learned that Eli had two wicked sons who hurt the women who came to worship and who stole meat from the sac...rifices and ate it before it had been properly cooked. We learned that Eli’s feeble attempts at correction were met with ridicule. Why is THIS story in the Bible? 1. Not every child is blessed to be raised in a Godly, loving home. In fact, many children’s homes are just across the tracks from hell; but that is no excuse for a life of sin. Samuel was surrounded by corruption and complacency and yet he grew to be a man of God. I cannot think of one wrong action or reaction written about Samuel in God’s Word. 2. God holds parents responsible for how they rear their children. God does not hold us responsible for the choices they make because they, like us, also have a free will; but we will stand before God and answer for how we trained, loved, corrected, and taught our children. Eli’s warning tonight teaches that doctrine. 3. Not every person who works in a church is Godly. In fact, this story teaches us that a person can work in a church his whole life and never know God. A pastor, a deacon, a church member can go to church every Sunday, preach, teach, give, and pray; then get up, punch their time card and go home and never give their life to God because it is just another job. To Eli and his sons, church was a place to fill their bellies and take whatever else they wanted. It was just a community gathering. Dear Heavenly Father, please do not let that happen in our church. Give us the honesty to examine our hearts and see if a fire burns. Give us a fresh glimpse of what we can be. Amen.

Kid’s Club 10/14/14
So how does the story of Ruth end? Boaz approached the nearer kinsman and gave him first choice at redeeming the land belonging to Naomi and Ruth, which the nearer kinsman wanted to do. But when the nearer kinsman found out that he must also marry Ruth, he backed out. To seal the decision of giving Boaz the right to redeem the land, he gave Boaz his shoe! Boaz announced purchase of the land and his intention to marry Ruth. The 10 elders who witnessed the transaction stood and prayed for the new couple asking God to bless them and make them famous in Israel. I believe they did become famous. Boaz and Ruth had a little boy – Obed. Obed was the father of Jesse who was the father of King David. King David was the great-great-great (ok, 25 “greats” needed here) grandfather of Joseph who married Mary and was the earthly father of Jesus. Now for the most important thing that happened tonight. One of the kiddos asked, “If Boaz had not redeemed Ruth, would Jesus have been born?” The answer “Yes” is obvious and so is the reason. Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus; but GOD is the father of Jesus. This question led to a wonderful opportunity to explain – “WHY AM I HERE????” God creates each of us for His own glory. He creates each of us for a reason. We need to give ourselves completely, wholly to God, ask to be forgiven and redeemed, and then we need to find out why did God create me? What is the important task for which God made me? What happens if a person chooses to reject God and not do that task? Does the task get left undone? Is God’s plan for earth and human history ruined? NO. God will create someone else, choose someone else, give the opportunity, blessing, and reward to someone else – someone who wants to please God. And the person who rejected God loses out. He loses out on the blessing and fulfillment of a life of purpose and he loses out on salvation and a home in heaven. Does God have control of your life? Do you know why you were created? Are you doing the one thing God had in mind for you? I am so glad that I am the one who gets the blessing of teaching children about God. The dozens who I have prayed with when they came to Jesus for forgiveness over the years would have found their way to God without me; but I am so blessed to have been allowed to share in their journey and help them find why God created them. Until next week, keep looking up! Mrs. Beth Ann

Kid's Club 10/07/14
 “Redeemed how I love to proclaim it! Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. Redeemed through His infinite mercy; His child, and forever I am!”

Last week Mr. George explained to the children about the “Goel” in Hebrew law. The land was given to the Israelites by God and they were never to sell it outside of their family and tribe. When a man died and left a widow but no heir..., his brother or the next nearest male relative was supposed to buy the land and marry the widow hoping to have a son with her that they would name after the deceased so that his name would not be forgotten and so that the land would be given to that son as if directly from the deceased. The widow was not allowed to be a land owner. The land and the woman were “redeemed” – bought back into the family. There were 4 stipulations for the “Goel” – the “redeemer”. 1) He had to be a near kinsman. 2) He had to have enough money to redeem the land and the widow. 3) He had to be willing to redeem. 4) He had to be asked. Tonight in our story, Boaz met every requirement to redeem Ruth and her deceased husband’s property. Because her husband had been an Israelite, Ruth had the right to use the law of redemption but because she was an outsider, she couldn’t be forced to. Ruth chose the quiet, ladylike ritual to ask Boaz to redeem her instead of standing in the city gate and making a demand. She tiptoed into the barn after everyone was asleep, placed herself at the feet of Boaz, and stole his covers. When he awoke wondering who was at his feet, she made her request: “Spread thy wings over thy handmaid for thou art a near kinsman”. In today’s language, “Redeem me, protect me, provide for me, save me.” In my opinion, nowhere else in the Bible will you find a more perfect picture of salvation. Jesus was born a human so that He could be my near kinsman. Only He could pay the price of redemption – only His blood can wash away my sin. He was willing to leave the splendor of Heaven to come to this sinful earth to buy back a little girl He created; but who had a sinful human heart - me. And when as a little 6 year old girl I told him I was a sinner and I asked to be saved, He performed the task the of the Goel and redeemed me just as He promised He would. “Redeemed through His infinite mercy; His child, and FOREVER I am.”

I want to express my thanks to all who have been praying for my sister. She made it through the surgery to remove the part of her brain causing the trouble. Now she has a long journey of healing. If you feel nudged, please pray for strength for both her and my mother and pray that any infection stays far away.
Until next week, Mrs. Beth Ann

Kid's Club 9/23/14
Vocabulary words tonight from the book of Ruth. “Glean” – to pick up the leftovers, the “droppings” from a harvest. “Sheaves” – plural of “sheaf” – a bundle of harvested grain. “Widow” – a lady whose husband has died. “Orphan” – a child who has lost both parents to death. Now this one really surprised me – the children had this all wrong. They thought an orphan was a kid ...whose parents didn’t want them. We had a good talk about parents and responsibilities. What else? “Grace” – when you DO get something that you DON’T deserve. “Mercy” – when you DON’T get something that you DO deserve. The story of Ruth tonight was all about KINDNESS. Ruth showed kindness to Naomi by her willingness to work hard to provide for them. Boaz showed kindness to Ruth because of her care for Naomi, and her decision to turn to the God of Israel. Rahab’s kindness to the spies in Jericho and their kindness in return to her for her help. YES, remember that story? Rahab, like Ruth, turned her back on the idols in Jericho and chose God. She and her family became part of the nation of Israel. She married, and had a son – Boaz. This story just gets better and better!!! Finally, we planted a very small seed tonight and I pray that as parents of our Kid’s Club kiddos, you will water that seed and encourage it to grow from time to time. I asked the children if they had ever thought about asking God to find the perfect husband or wife for them. We assured them that marriage is a long, long way off; but it’s not too early to ask God for three things: 1) Please choose the perfect person for me to marry. 2) Please keep that person safe for me. 3) Please help that person grow up to be my very best friend. What a concept! Mr. George who usually teaches the Adult Bible Study will be teaching in my place next Tuesday. We will be in Cleveland with my sister as she has her brain surgery that day. If God nudges you, please keep her in your prayers. Her life has always been securely in God’s hands and that will not change. Thank you, Beth Ann.

Kid's Club 9/16/14
Peanut Butter & Jelly or Grilled Cheese? The story of Ruth takes place during the time the Judges were active in Israel. Elimelech and his wife Naomi CHOSE to leave Bethlehem (“house of bread”) to “sojourn” – “walk-through”, or “visit” in the ungodly land of Moab because there was a famine in Israel and Moab had food. Unlike Abraham’s departure from Ur or the Israelites’ e...scape from Egypt, we do not read that God told Elimelech to move. They packed up their sons and ended up staying in Moab for 10 years. While there, the sons each married a Moabite wife. While there, Elimelech and both his sons died leaving three widows. Naomi CHOSE to return to her house in Bethlehem and encouraged her daughters-in-law to stay in Moab and remarry. Eventually, Orpah did return to her parents; but RUTH CHOSE GOD. I find it interesting that when Naomi returned and told the people of Bethlehem to no longer call her Naomi (“pleasant”); but now to call her Mara (“bitter”), she also said, “I went out full and came back empty.” I guess things weren’t really as bad as they thought they were at the time. I wonder how many people have made rash decisions without asking God what they should do and have paid dearly for those CHOICES. How many people wish they could turn back the clock and have a “do over”? RUTH CHOSE GOD. That choice began the story in the Bible that paints the perfect picture of salvation. This story, more clearly than any other – even any story in the New Testament – explains what it means to be redeemed, justified, forgiven, and accepted into the family of God. I cannot wait until next week! I get to continue my favorite story to my favorite group of children. What could be better? Mrs. Beth Ann

Kid's Club 7/8/14

Yea! Eager, smiling, happy faces were back in Kid’s Club tonight. We missed you!
What are YOU supposed to be doing for GOD? Why did He create you? Do you have your answer? Now, what will GOD do for YOU? Will He equip you to complete that task? God gave Joshua the task of leading the Israelites into Canaan AND conquering it. Oswald Chambers, a great preacher of the past, said, “When obedi...ence is in the ascendant (or is the dominating influence), He will tax the remotest star and the last grain of sand to assist you with all His Almighty power.” Think about that! Re-read it a few times paying attention to each word. God will put a star to work?... for me?!? God has everything He created at hand to help me please Him. What did God do for Joshua? He made the SUN to stand still over Gibeon and the MOON to stand in the valley of Ajalon – for about the space of one whole day so that Joshua and his army could defeat the five Kings attacking Gibeon. God also rained HAILstones on the enemy. In fact, more enemy soldiers died from God’s hailstones than died from weapons. What will I attempt for God this week? What piece of creation will He employ to assure my success?
Next week – Joshua’s epitaph.

Kid's Club 6/24/14 
Have you ever read or heard those “Stupid Crooks” stories? A guy robs a gas station but drops his wallet on the way out. Or a guy tries to sneak down a chimney to enter and rob a home and gets stuck. Achan fits into the “Stupid Crook” category. God said, “Take nothing for yourselves from Jericho. The gold and silver can be brought to the treasury for the tabernacle; but take nothing for yours...elves.” But Achan gave in to the same path of sin that we still follow today. He SAW, he COVETED (or CRAVED), he TOOK, and then he HID it. It was a stupid sin because he could never spend the gold or silver and he could never wear the clothes without explaining where they came from. What seemed to be a small hidden sin to Achan turned out to be very costly indeed. It caused the death of 6 innocent soldiers and the death of Achan and his whole family. The failed battle at Ai brought shame to the nation of Israel and to the name of God. But God still keeps His promises. Repentance and confession lead to obedience and obedience leads to blessing. God will not bless and protect first and then hope we will obey. Obedience must always come first. And it is just like God to take the weakness illustrated in the defeat and turn it around as the path to victory. What a great story!! Read Joshua chapters 7 & 8 for yourself! Next week “The Bluff and the Battle”.

Kid's Club 6/17/14:
Do you remember the day you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior? You may not have written down the date or time; but do you remember where you were, what you were wearing, who was with you? I remember. I was 6 years old and very, very sure that I was a sinner (no doubt about that part) and I knew God could not let sin inside his perfect Heaven home. I knew Jesus had to die so that His blood could wash away my sins. After church on Wednesday night, I asked my mom to help me pray and ask Jesus into my heart right there beside my bed. And then the next day, I marched across my front yard, rang the doorbell on the neighbor's house, and told Susie all about it. I told her she was my very best friend and I did not want her to have to spend forever in hell when we both got old and died. A few weeks later, Susie asked Jesus to save her too. Did you know that one of the evidences of true salvation is an aching burden that drives us to win our friends and loved ones to Christ? Rahab had that same aching drive to save her family. She was convinced that the God of Israel was the one true, Almighty God. She acknowledged Him as her own and convinced her family too. Whatever her life had been in the past, she and "all her kindred" were now grafted into God's chosen people. How do I know? Read Matthew 1:1-17. Rahab was the great-great-grandmother of David the King and an ancestor to Christ's earthly family. What a rescue! Next week, what went wrong at Jericho?
Mrs. Beth Ann
Kid's Cclub 6/10/14:
Well I have had too much on my mind and completely forgot to post after Kid's Club Tuesday night. My apologies! Please continue to pray for my sister. The damage to her brain is more extensive than they knew and surgery to alleviate her seizures is now uncertain until they actually embed the electrodes into her brain tissue - something we are still praying about.
We all look for heroes, good role models for our children, and in Kid's Club we began following Joshua through the Jordan River on dry ground into the land of Canaan, and staring at the walls of Jericho. We learned about Rahab who hid the two spies on her roof and the pact they made. We learned about the valuable information she gave the spies about the city of Jericho and the whole land of Canaan. We have exciting stories ahead and scary situations too! Are you staring at a big wall - a situation you're not sure how to approach? My family is. There is one thing my mom taught me as a little girl - the "runt" of the littler- that my God is very, very BIG! Mrs. Beth Ann

Kid's Club 6/3/14:
We had 19 children tonight as we began our lessons about Joshua. Do you remember playing "Simon Says" and "Follow the Leader"? Being a good leader in any area of life is a hard, lonely job. Joshua trained well for this post by "waiting for" and on Moses, "dwelling in the tabernacle", and as a spy he reported back that his God was big enough to give them Canaan. He begins instruction and encouragement. "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night...Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage...for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest." Do you want to be a good leader? KNOW the rules (meditate in them day and night), ANSWER the call (Have not I commanded thee?), then TRUST and OBEY your big God (for the Lord thy God is with thee...) Next week, two obstacles that begin with "J"! Mrs. Beth Ann

Kids Club post for 5/27/14
Moses spend the first 40 years of his life thinking he was really somebody. He spent the next 40 years of his life finding out that he wasn't anybody. He spent the last 40 years of his life experiencing what marvelous things God can do with a nobody. After standing up to and escaping from the leader of the known world at that time, after parting the Red Sea, after holding stones that God had wr...itten on with His own finger, after setting up the complete system of worship for a nation, and rescuing that nation countless times from the wrath of God; Moses stands on the top of Mt. Nebo, on the peak Mt. Pisgah and sees the promised land that he cannot enter because of one sin. We're not talking about a lifetime of rebellion or even a few months of doubts. One sin. Was he forgiven for that one sin? Yes, but sin always has consequences. That realization is sobering. The whole reason for Kid's Club is to teach them how to follow God and be blessed with all of the wonderful opportunities that God has planned for them. I want to do my part to spare them the scars left by sin, even just ONE SIN.
Next week, Joshua is the new leader!
Kids Club Post 5/20/14
We dished out a lot of information and two stories tonight. See if you know the answers to what we learned.
Who took Aaron's place when he died?
What were the three parts of the tabernacle?
Why did the high priest have bells on the hem of his robe?
What was inside the Ark of the Covenant?
What was on top of the Ark of the Covenant?
Where is the Ark now?
Why did Moses have to put a serpent on a pole and
what was that a picture of?
Who was Balak and what did he want Balaam to do?
Why wouldn't Balaam's donkey go forward?
What did the donkey say to Balaam?

Thank you so very much for making the effort to bring your children to Kid's Club. We count it a privilege to teach them God's Word. We pray for them by name and miss them when they can't attend. Have a good week!
Mrs. Beth Ann

Kids Club Post 5/13/14
"For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft..." Why? How? Rebellion is a conscious decision to willfully refuse authority and then do the opposite of what we were told. Witchcraft is not only choosing to dethrone God in our lives but to turn and worship evil instead. Rebellion is a dangerous choice and four men in our story tonight were swallowed up by the earth as a consequence. We also learn...ed about Magna Carta tonight in Kid's Club. Yep, we surely did! No one is above the rules - not even Moses. God told Moses to SPEAK to the rock this time when water was needed; but in his anger and disgust with a camp of whiney, murmuring people Moses hit the rock twice. God gave them water; God also punished Moses. He would not be allowed to enter into the Promised Land. Why not? The water-giving rock is a picture of our life-giving Savior. It did not do anything wrong, and yet it had to be struck to give life. Jesus also was sinless yet "wounded for our transgressions..." But the blood of Jesus is so powerful that it could in a one-time sacrifice wash away the sins of everyone in the world - past, present, and future. Jesus does not need to die again every time someone sins. Moses was supposed to SPEAK to the rock. Once we have asked God to forgive our sins and save us, we do not need to be saved again and again and again. We DO need to SPEAK to God, admit what we did wrong, and ask for forgiveness and help in doing right the next time. This was an important lesson this week and the Kiddos listened well. Next week, a donkey stands his ground and speaks his mind! I can't wait! Mrs. Beth Ann

Post for Kid's Club 4/22/14

Psalm 18:2a "The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer..."  This can be a mean world and many who live in it are no friend of God or His grace.  I am  comforted and encouraged to have a God who is unmovable and sure, a God to run to for shelter and safety, a God who is sure to rescue.  We learned about getting water from the rock on Mt. Horeb and how it is a picture of salvation.  We ...met a new Bible hero, Joshua, and how with the help of Moses, Aaron, and Hur the Israelites defeated the Amalekites because the battle was God's to fight.  We have followed the Children of Israel from Egypt to the Wilderness of Shur, to the Wilderness of Sin, Mt. Horeb, and now to the Wilderness of Sinai and Mount Sinai.  What's next?

SOMETHING NEW:  Please visit here or go to the Kid's Club page of our church website on THURSDAY EVENINGS to see the Bible verse we will be working on during the next Kid's Club meeting.  Your kiddos can get a head start learning the verse.  This warms my heart so much because one of the Kiddos requested that we do this. 
Thank you, God!
Mrs. BethAnn

Kid's Club Post 4/15/14

Psalm 19:14 "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, Oh Lord, my strength and my redeemer. 
The words we say, the thoughts we think - all of them are heard and examined by God every day, every hour, every minute.  I wonder at how the Israelites could murmur after a great, powerful, loving God had just performed yet another miracle for them. He brought ...them through the Red Sea on dry ground and then made bitter water sweet by tossing in a tree; yet immediately they gripe again.  Like the children of Israel, it's easy (especially if we watch the news) to get into a bad habit of whining and complaining.  It's easy (if you fixate on celebrities and sports stars) to wish you "had it all" as they do.  The Kid's Club challenge this week is to stop and think of something we are thankful for when we feel the urge to complain or feel sorry for ourselves.  We have a great God; the words coming from our mouths and the thoughts and intents of our hearts should reflect our thankfulness.  We had 3 new children in Kid's Club tonight and for that, I AM VERY, VERY THANKFUL.
Have a great week and we'll see y'all at the Easter Egg Hunt!
Mrs. BethAnn

Kid's Club Post 4/8/14

Exodus 14:13a "And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord..."  The Israelites had mountains to the left, mountains to the right, the Egyptian army behind them, and the Red Sea blocking their forward progress.  Their immediate reaction was to fret, whine, accuse, and complain.  No wonder the Bible refers to them as the CHILDREN of Israel.  They are t...he chosen people of the Almighty God, the "apple of His eye" and they act like orphaned paupers.  Life is not fair and life is not easy.  How do I react when disappointment follows me around all day?  Is my first response to drop to my knees in prayer when my forward progress is blocked?  Am I really surprised when my happiness is threatened?  C.H. Spurgeon said, "When your way is blocked and you can't retreat, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord."  Dear Father, please help these Kid's Club kiddos to learn early to trust you and turn to you first.
Many, many thanks to those parents who have been making the effort to bring their children.  We hope to see all of you at the Fish Fry this Saturday.  Mrs. BethAnn

Kid's Club Post 4/1/14

Frogs, Locusts, and Flies, OH MY!  Plague after plague after plague and still Pharaoh hardened his heart and would not obey God.  We would probably be shocked if we could see all of the hard hearts that God sees today.  And then the death angel - the very first Passover.  What a wonderful picture of salvation.  A lamb who shed his blood that millions might live.  "When I see the blood, I will pass... over you."
We played a brand new game tonight in Kid's Club, STAY UP!   And next week, we begin learning the books of the New Testament because the Kiddos are pros at saying the O.T. books now! 
  Also, this Sunday, April 6, is "Invite a Friend" Sunday.  We will be showing a video during church showing many of the activities we do in Kid's Club.  We invite everyone, especially the parents of our Kid's Club members to bring your families to church this Sunday and see our classes in action. 
See you Sunday!
Beth Ann

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