Welcome to Pine Creek Church
Welcome to Pine Creek Church 

Established 1854

When you come to our church, you will meet a warm Christian family that will make you feel right at home. And just like a family, we have moms and dads, brothers and sisters, children and older adults, grandparents and grandchildren. Everyone is a part of our spiritual family through our primary relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord. And we all have a part to play. We call this our vital spiritual connection! In I Corinthians chapter 12, the Bible tells us that when we are in Christ, each member is a part of a spiritual family, which is called the Body of Christ. In addition, we're told that every person has a vital part to play in the way the family functions. In other words: I can't do it without you, and you can't do it without me! So just like a family, we work together to be at our best for one another and for the Lord. That's a powerful combination. And that's the vital connection you'll find at Pine Creek Church of the Brethren. 

Pine Creek Church

25075 Stanton Road
North Liberty, IN 46554

Phone: 574-784-2806


Pastor:  Nathan Rosentrator


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Coffee and Fellowship

8:30-9:30 a.m.

Sunday Worship
10 a.m.

Junior Church

10:30 a.m.


 We have a nursing mother's room.


Commission Meeting 
2nd Monday 6:00 pm
Board meeting
2nd Monday 7:00 pm
Both meetings are
open to members

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