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In the Church of the Brethren, we encourage a growing, seeking faith. Rather than relying on dogmatic statements of faith, our understanding of God is guided by the whole testimony of the Scriptures with an emphasis on the New Testament, and in particular, the teachings of our Lord Jesus. For that reason, Brethren have always been concerned as much about "right living" as they are about "right doctrine." The central question has always been: What would Jesus do?

Brethren also emphasize the voluntary nature of following Christ. That's why we baptize those who are old enough to make a mature confession of faith. We believe that each person must understand the call and requirements of discipleship which flows from a heart-felt desire to step out for Jesus and live for Him always. Knowing Christ as Savior and serving Him as Lord is uppermost in our understanding of faith as Brethren.

Brethren practice the ordinance of anointing for healing, a service of confession and prayer following the example of James 5:14. Brethren also relive Jesus' last supper with his disciples as described in John chapter 13. Called the "Love Feast" this service is held twice a year, during Holy Week in the spring and on World Communion Sunday in the fall, and re-enacts the last moments of Jesus' life on earth in the upper room where He washed the feet of His disciples, shared in a sacred meal, and gave the ordinances of the bread and cup of communion.

In daily living, Brethren take serious God's call to love one another (John 13:34-35). In the community and in the world, Brethren demonstrate compassion for all God's people by reaching out in the local community, and by providing aid to victims of natural disaster and poverty around the world. This is a special gift God has give to Brethren as we take to heart God's call to share the love of Christ with others in the same way God has extended His love toward us. For more information on how Brethren reach out to serve, visit our website at The bottom line is this: When you love the Lord and care about people as Brethren do, it is not easy to keep a good thing to yourself. That's why we invite you to join us this Sunday as we share this journey of following Jesus together!

Pine Creek Church
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Pastor: Interim Nathan Rosentrator


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Child Care provided in our toddler room. We also have a nursing mother's room.


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